ULTRAFIT WinCrest Nano Ceramic


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DurabilityPutting in mind that the biggest issues of windshield protection film is delamination, our WinCrest series are designed to be the solution and prevent delamination from happening. You will never worry about delamination ever again.

Self-HealingIf there are self-healing properties on Paint Protection Film, why not on the windshield protection film? Introducing the first films with self-healing technology, our WinCrest series can self-heal from potential scratches. Whether its stone chips or gravel, be protected against the unexpected.

Superior Heat Rejection Our WinCrest series offers the additional feature of superior heat-rejection to provide the best conditions for you and the passengers on the road.

Installation FriendlyInstalling windshield protection film is never easy and could be very time consuming. To save your time, our WinCrest series were developed to be much more convenient providing you a seamless installation process.

Unrivaled HydrophobicityEach of our WinCrest windshield protection films were developed with hydrophobic properties to give you better driving conditions, even if it’s raining.

Unmatched ClarityFrom the moment you install the film and until you decide to remove the film, our WinCrest series will be crystal. With no effects of hazing, it will be like it’s not even there.

Glare ReductionSave the hassle of dealing with sun visors. With the glare reduction feature on our WinCrest series, drive comfortably without worrying about glares distracting your line of sight.

Removal Type AdhesiveWhen the time comes to remove the windshield protection, we have developed an easily removable adhesive, so it is simple to remove as it is to install, leaving no traces of residue after removal.

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