Koch Chemie Lack-Polish grün P1.01

92 ر.س

Finish polish

Lack-Polish grün protects, maintains and refines new and as new paintwork. The finish with Lack-Polish grün will give the paintwork a depth of gloss and colour that is exceptional. The treated paintwork is protected for a long period against adverse environmental factors. Lack-Polish grün is very easy and time-saving to use, and is suitable for all paint types. With Daimler approval.

Cut: 1,0

Gloss: 9,5

Areas of use

Paintwork of cars, commercial vehicles, motor cycles, etc.

Recommendations for use

Apply Lack-Polish grün in an even thin film either mechanically (ideally with an orbital polisher) with our black finishing pad, or manually with a similarly soft pad. To finish, buff any polish residues to a mirror finish with a Profi microfibre cloth. If an abrasive effect is required, use the polish with a medium-hard yellow machine polishing pad and a rotary polisher.


Shake before using. Protect against frost and excessive heat. Do not use on hot surfaces. Before using, check suitability and compatibility.

  • 92 ر.س
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