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Leather interiors require regular maintenance to ensure the leather remains supple, to prevent cracking and fading.

ProtectLeatherCare is a nourishing leather emulsion designed to refresh tired looking leather, leaving a soft, plumped feeling without a sticky residue. Leather is protected from UV and the 'new leather' smell is restored!

Features & Benefits:

Refreshes tired looking leather

Nourishes & protects leather from UV rays

Does not leave a sticky residue to attract dust

Leaves a pleasant, ‘new leather’ fragrance

Suitable for all types of leather

Leaves leather feeling smooth & nourished to the touch

Directions for Use:

Ensure leather is clean (use a leather cleaner first if necessary)

Shake bottle well, then apply a small amount to a soft microfibre or foam applicator

Leave to absorb

Buff gently with minimal pressure to remove residue

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