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The Mini Polisher Kit is to be used with any rotary machine, and is an extremely versatile and capable unit. The tool is designed to allow detailers advanced precision on the more intricate areas of vehicles. 

The kit comes with a variety of different accessories that will allow you to correct and polish and array of surfaces. Door handles, grills, badges, and intricate panels will now be extremely easy to correct. 

Product description

Suitable for polishing touch ups with multiple accessories.

  • Flexible axis.
  • Easy pad replacement.
  • Rotary polisher and drill.
  • Applicable to mount on rotary polisher and drill.
  • Works with any rotary polisher (not included) with M14 anchorage.
  • Easy to reach narow areas.



  • The polishing unit 
  • A M14 or 5/8 adaptor for rotary polishing machine (and key for assembly) 
  • 1.5" pad sets (5 pads of each - wool, green, orange and red pads)
  • 2.5" pad sets (5 pads of each - wool, green, orange and red pads)
  • 5 red finishing conical buffing pads
  • 5 medium yellow rounded buffing pads
  • 1.5" backing plate
  • 2.5" backing plate

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