90 ر.س

This new product from Sonax takes your maintenance laundry to a new level where you, at the same time as washing, build on your car's ceramic protection or wax with Wash & Seal ceramic shampoo.

Sonax Extreme Wash + Seal is a brand new product from Sonax, and is really a simple but smart idea. I don't really know where the idea started, but I can be tempted to think that one in the factory dropped "Spray & Seal" in the shampoo tank. Because it is actually easily explained as it works. A good maintenance protection with the effect of Spray & Seal. Faster, lighter and more comfortable, you can hardly seal the car.

"All in One" obviously has pros and cons. Compared to pure Spray & Seal, the duration is of course somewhat shorter. But compared to other shampoos (with waxes) that also provide protection, the duration is surprisingly good. And as an extra cream on the mash, the combination of Wash + Seal and Sray & Seal is unbeatable. These two are created for each other.

  • 90 ر.س

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