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Micro Cut & Finish is the latest generation machine micro-polish for the permanent removal of streaks, holograms, fine scratches and sanding marks to P3000 on all paint systems (including scratch-resistant) with simultaneous long-term sealing with a high degree of gloss and smoothness.

Through the use of highly specialised, extremely homogenous abrasive bodies, a brilliant permanent high gloss finish is created under extreme light conditions even on dark and similarly sensitive shades.

Features & Benefits:

Finishing polish fortified with carnauba wax

Removes fine scratches and holograms

Suitable for use with all types of paintwork including soft & scratch-proof

For use with a forced rotation machine polisher

Low dust generation

Directions for Use:

For optimum results use with a random orbital forced rotation polisher

Before use, moisten dried or new pads completely with polish

Polish crosswise with medium pressure until a transparent film appears

Technical Specification:

Cut: 3.2

Gloss: 9.5



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  • 170 ر.س
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