Sonax Xtreme Spray & Seal

85 ر.س

Sonax Xtreme Spray & Seal is a sprayable polymer seal that can be used for almost anything! Use it on glass, tires, chrome, rims, plastic, vinyl and of course lacquer, to provide a fast, durable seal that protects and shines.

Sonax Xtreme Spray & Seal is a synthetic lacquer seal that provides shine and protection on almost all exterior surfaces. Can be used on car, caravan, motorhome, motorcycle and boat. It provides excellent resistance to atmospheric conditions, especially on unpainted surfaces such as vinyl or glass. Thanks to a highly innovative polymer formula, treated surfaces have a good gloss and a sealed surface for up to 3 months.

Sonax Xtreme Spray & Seal is incredibly easy to apply. Just spray on wet car and rinse. Isn't that easier?

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  • 85 ر.س
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